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Turquoise Bodhi Leaf Earring

Beautiful hand crafted work with Turquoise stone inlaid on Sterling Silver. Bodhi Leaf is from the tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment, it is a symbol of truth, knowledge, purity and calmness. It is believed that wearing Turquoise jewelry can help promote honest and clear communication from the heart. It is also said to protect against pollution in the environment, and to bring abundance. Turquoise can also help speed the healing process, and is known as a master healer stone. It is very powerful for grounding and protection also. Turquoise is associated with the throat chakra primarily.

The earrings are carefully hand made by superior crafts people, exiled Tibetans refugees living in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Mongolia and elsewhere. . Your purchase directly assists in the day to day lives of these refugees and aids in preserving and expanding the unique, rich Tibetan heritage and culture. This is a Fair Trade item. The earrings measure 1 1/2 inches long.