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Red Bone Wrist Mala

Created by Tibetan nuns living in exile, this wrist mala features a traditional and distinctive knotted finishing. Yak Bone malas are often used for traditional practices to subdue the wrathful elements. Wrist malas are used as an aid in counting prayers or mantras in a similar way to their full 108 bead mala counterparts. Beginning with the first bead to the right of the big Buddha bead, a mantra (or prayer) is recited while telling the bead. This is repeated around the mala until the big Buddha bead is reached. The mala is then flipped and the count begins again. The big Buddha bead is not counted. Wrist malas are made with various numbers of beads. It falls to the practitioner to count the beads and determine the number of repetitions necessary to achieve the total desired for the practice.

This mala is made from hand painted Yak bone. Yak is an important animal in Tibet as they are used as packing animals for the nomadic tribes. The Tibetans honor their passing by creating these beautiful malas and using them in their meditative practice so that the animals can continue to be of service as they pass from this consciousness to another. All the yak bones used in our jewelry are the leftover from the domestic population that died from natural causes. The beads are 7 - 9mm.

Purchases of this other Tibetan Nun's Project items helps support education, building projects and other essential needs within the Tibetan Nuns Project community based in Northern India. This is a Fair Trade Item.