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High-Energy Rainbow Fluorite Mala

Since the dawn of time, man has used stone beads strung in a circle as a powerful spiritual symbol. Mala, which means a "garland of beads, flowers or prayers", is also known as a rosary or prayer beads. These beautiful 108 bead necklaces can be used in meditation to count repetitions of mantras, prayers or affirmations by rotating the beads between the thumb and fingers. Worn on the body, either inside or outside clothing, these sacred pieces will carry the positive, healing qualities of the stones into your personal energy field. 

All our handmade malas are strung on 100% silk cord, knotted between each bead. The beads measure 8mm in size. Crafted by longtime yoga practitioners working in a meditative environment. We hope you will appreciate the beauty and power of these sacred beads.

Rainbow Fluorite serves as a "psychic vacuum cleaner," clearing mental and emotional confusion, cluttered thoughts and negativity. It is balancing to the third eye chakra, and to mental energies in general. Rainbow fluorite can aid one in thinking clearly and in making subtle, but important discriminations regarding the kinds of energies and people one will allow into their world.  On a physical level, this stone supports brain chemistry, bones and teeth; helps to overcome vertigo or dizziness. Emotionally, it can help in dispelling confusion, dishonesty, and anxiety about the future.

  • Made in the USA
  • 8mm beads