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Haathi Mandala Tapestry

This Haathi Tapestry (haathi is Hindi word for elephant) highlights the symbolic and highly revered elephant figure. Adds a touch of India to your home as a wall hanging, or to top your bed or couch. 

The Elephant, because of its awesome strength, great size, and intelligence, is widely held to be a symbol of power and wisdom. In the wild, elephants are known to demonstrate notably human characteristics: longevity, complex social relationships, and varied personality traits. This has given rise to many tales of elephants as companions to humans or stories where they exhibit human-like qualities such as fearfulness, courage, and persistance. In India, the elephant-headed god Ganesh, is revered as a remover of obstacles, hence, a bringer of success.

  • 100% cotton
  • Made in India with love
  • 55 in. x 83 in.