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Celestial Mandala Tapestry


Sanganeer Print tapestries are Intricately woven 100% cotton and Mandala patterned in Sanganer which is situated about 8 kilometers south-east of Jaipur city. Waters of the Saraswati River that used to flow graciously through Sanganer, which was known for its special quality that used to bring out radiance from the natural dyed fabric. This was a major source of inspiration for the printing community.The Mandala has come to be known as a word for a chart or geometric pattern that represents the universe symbolically or metaphysically. Read more about Mandalas on our blog

This is the perfect tapestry for you to add a visual contrast to that plain wall in your bedroom. Use it as a wall hanging, on your bed, or bring it with you on your next picnic in the park!

68in. x 102in. Twin Size

Imported from India