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Carnelian Orgone Mini Pyramid

The combination of copper and carnelian in our Carnelian Orgone Mini Pyramid produces a tremendous amplification of the healing powers of both the stones and metal. There is an intense union present within the resin casting, transforming these elements into each orgone piece. Orgone devices are know to have a powerful positive effect on diminishing the negative potential of excessive electromagnetic energy.

Carnelian - aids in sharpening concentration, dispels mental sluggishness and protects against envy, anger and resentment, either from yourself or coming from others. Hold the hearts in the palm or place directly on the body over problems areas. To invoke protection and invite abundance, position near the front door of your home.

  • Carnelian and Copper Embedded in Resin Pyramid
  • Embedded Copper Wire 
  • Measures 1.25 inches Wide by 1 inches Tall
  • Handmade in India with Love