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Amethyst Serenity Om Bracelet

This beautifully unique bracelet is made of amethyst gemstones with small black onyx bead spacers. It containsa 7/8 inch Om charm to give the bracelet its power and joyful vibration. This fair trade bracelet measures 7 inches and is hand-crafted in Nepal.

Om is the cosmic sound of the universe that permeates every atom in existence. Om Jewelry helps to put us in touch with this vibration and brings with it the peace and joy that you will notice from the moment you put this bracelet on.

Amethyst, the stone of inner wisdom. It offers peaceful, centered awareness and enhances psychic and mental abilities and beauty. Amethyst also helps overcome addictions and protects in stressful situations.

Black Onyx is the gemstone of self-mastery. This base chakra stone, is composed of volcanic glass sand and minerals that have molten together in the purification of fire and as such it also serves as an underlying stabilizing energy for mastery of all the chakras.