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7 Chakra Prayer Flags

These beautiful flags are hand printed & stitched by a Balinese family in Ubud, Bali.The edges are carefully surged so the flags will continue to help balance chakra energy for a long time.

Each flag has a chakra symbol and corresponding mantra related to the specific chakra of the flag. The flags make a great addition to a home, yoga studio or meditation space and can help to promote love, balance, happiness and peace.

Red: The base or root chakra helps one feel secure and that one has a right to exist.

Orange: The sacral chakra can help one with being social and feelings, especially intimacy.

Yellow: The solar plexus chakra helps one maintain balance in ego and confidence.

Green: The heart chakra helps one accept love (of others and oneself).

Blue: The throat chakra helps with relationships and can help one learn to express oneself and trust.

Indigo: The third eye chakra helps one realize their full potential and tap into their intuition.

Violet: The crown chakra helps one develop one's spirituality and trust in the universe.

  • Small measure 6" x 8"  -  7 flags per set
  • Large measures 9" x 12" - 7 flags per set
  • 100% Cotton