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Labradorite Lotus Bracelet

Lotus Labradorite Beaded Bracelet features a sweet lotus charm and a single strand of gold chain. Labradorite is composed of layers that refract light, showing as beautiful iridescent flashes when seen in sunlight.Wearing gemstones on the left hand is meant for inflow of energy. Conversely, right hand is meant for outflow of energy.

Lotus - symbolic of spiritual growth, as the lotus grows in shallow, murky waters, but
rises above the mud to bloom in full splendor becoming a beautiful pure flower. In
many cultures, the lotus is considered a sacred flower, representing rebirth, beauty,
purity and spiritual enlightenment.

Labradorite - a highly mystical and protective stone, opens the imagination and raises consciousness. Aids in connecting one to universal energies, and deflects unwanted negative energies. Promotes self discovery, and encourages a fresh start in all aspects of life. Labradorite is believed to help "unhook" the negative energetic patterns of others that have become stuck in one's aura.

  • Natural Faceted Labradorite Beads
  • Beads Measure approximately 1 mm
  • Bracelet Measures 6 inches, Fits Wrist Sizes 6 - 7 inches
  • Available in Solid Silver or Gold Plated Brass
  • Made in India with Love