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Chakra Mini Gemstone Bracelet Set

Our special Chakra Mini Gemstone Bracelet Set includes all the chakra stones for the body's seven energy centers, known chakras in ancient Indian Sanskrit tradition. Gemstones can help to bring balance to the chakras, resulting in a more harmonious functioning of all levels of body, mind and spirit. The seven Chakras, each associated with specific areas of physical body, control the movement and flow of life force throughout the body and affecting our physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Red Jasper - Root Chakra - Grounding. Stimulates passion in one’s creative work, manifesting new ideas and freshness, and the energy to continue a project even after the initial excitement has dwindled. 

Carnelian - Sacral Chakra - Courage. Brings good luck and manifestation of one's desires.  Can assist in finding the right mate.

Yellow Rutilated Quartz – Lumbar ChakraSelf Control. An energy stone, relieves fear, promotes forgiveness and increases will power. Increases mental focus and intuition, attracts love and boosts creativity.

Green Aventurine – Heart Chakra - Prosperity. Strengthens will. Brings sense of purpose and encourages creativity and intuition. Enhances prosperity, and brings friendship into one’s life.

Lapis Lazuli - Throat Chakra - Inner Power. Helps to create and maintain a spiritual connection.  Increases intuitive and psychic awareness.

Amethyst - Spiritual Eye ChakraSerenity. Helps to calm the mind and ease anxiety.  Works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical plane to provide balance, patience, and peace.

Snow Quartz – Crown ChakraFocus. Stimulates the brain functions helping us to focus, concentrate, and control our thoughts, intentions, and actions. Balances our emotions.

  • Pure Polished Gemstones
  • Beads Measure approximately 4mm
  • Durable stretchy cord
  • Fits wrist Sizes 6 inches - 7 inches